Welcome to Camden's Planning Service meetings site

Here you can watch and take part in live Development Management Forums (DMFs) and other public meetings being held by the Camden Planning Service such as meetings updating people on new or emerging planning documents.

To ask questions at a meeting, you will need to register.  You should only register if you live within the borough.

The next meeting is:

Site: Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (phase 4)
When:  Tuesday 1st February
Time:   7pm
Where: Register here >>
Site page: Here

The previous meetings were:

Site: Abbey Estate
When:  Tuesday 23rd November
Time:   7pm
Where: Go to the meeting page

Site: Camden Site Allocations Local Plan
When:  Thursday 18th November
Time:   7pm
Where: Go to the meeting page

Every meeting will also be streamed live on our Watch page for those who do not wish to register or who live outside the borough.

Each meeting will be recorded and archived on the archive page.  

What is a Development Management Forum (DMF)?  We encourage developers to consult with the local community before a formal application is submitted.  One way of doing this is through a Development Management Forum.  

What is the Camden Site Allocations Local Plan?  This Plan when adopted will set out the Council's preferred development approach for a range growth areas in the borough as well as 90+ individual sites. It builds on existing policies in Camden’s Development Plan and ensures that key sites and development areas are planned for in a way that respects the local character of the surrounding area and meets the needs of local communities and businesses.

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