If you cannot find what you are looking for in this help section, email councilsUK on [email protected].  

How do I ask questions at the Development Management Forum (DMF) event?

You can ask questions in different ways:

1.  You can ask questions via the online question box during the meeting

2.  During and immediately before the event, you can call our Question Hotline, on 0800 511 8225.  This line will take your question, your name and address, and pass these to the event chair for answer during the DMF.

3.  You can submit video questions for the next Development Management Forum (DMF) event on our Video Question page.  

You will need to register for each event. You will receive an email that gives you a link to the page holding the event.  If you have any questions, email [email protected].

I'm finding it difficult registering for the Development Management Forum (DMF)

You have to register for each Development Management Forum (DMF) to ask questions.  

Once you register, we will send you an email that will include a link to the event page.  Please make sure you check your email inbox, including your Junk email box or Other email box.  The email will come from [email protected].

If you find it difficult to register, you can watch the event on the home page, and submit questions via telephone during and immediately before the event, on 0800 511 8225.  This line will take your question, your name and address, and pass these to the event chair for answer during the event.

If you find it difficult to register, you can email [email protected]

I'm having problems watching the live Development Management Forum.

The live video has system requirements.  You may not be able to play the video if you have a very old browser that is no longer supported by the vendors (e.g. Microsoft or Apple).  

We do not support Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 and earlier, nor do we support the Samsung Internet browser and we recommend installing Chrome instead.  If you are using an out of date web browser that is no longer supported by its vendor, you should update your browser to avoid security vulnerabilities and ensure that you do not risk having your system compromised by criminals. We recommend Chrome 30+, Firefox 27+, Microsoft Edge, Safari 9+, and on mobile Android Lollipop 5.0+ or iOS 9.3.5.

Both video playback and video live require minimum internet speeds. 

The quality of your live video experience is largely dependent on the download speed you have from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or mobile provider. You should bear in mind that your overall Internet speed can vary depending on many factors, including but not limited to: time of day, Wi-Fi performance, other devices or users using your connection, and the strength of the signal provided by your ISP.  The lowest stable download speed to see the lowest quality video is 500 kbps.  Test your download speed here.

You may prefer to watch the live Development Management Forum (DMF) on our Watch page or on Camden's YouTube channel

All the live videos will be archived shortly after the event on our archive page here.


I don't know how to find the Development Management Forum (DMF) page.

Only those who register for the Development Management Forum (DMF) will be able to access the page to submit questions.  When you register for the DMF, you will be sent an email containing a link to the correct page from [email protected].  The link will also be on the page when you register.  You need to keep this link in a safe place and use it to access the DMF.  If you lose this link, please email [email protected] or phone the question line immediately before the event on 0800 511 8225.

We hope to send you a reminder email immediately prior to the Development Management Forum, which will also contain the link to the correct page.

I want to find out more about Development Management Forums

The development management forum (DMF) allows developers to present their proposals to local residents, businesses and organisations. This is for complex or sensitive developments.  The DMF:

• lets local people know about proposals for major developments in the borough before a formal application is submitted

• allows local residents, businesses and organisations to comment on proposals. This is at a time when developers are in the earliest position to consider them

• does not replace our formal consultation process on applications. It aims to raise local awareness of a scheme at an early stage

• ensures more meaningful public involvement on proposed schemes. This is rather than awaiting the formal consultation stage of an application when it is harder to influence scheme changes.

You can find more about DMFs on this page.

I want to find out more about the sites being discussed at the Development Management Forums.