Take part

This page is for those with accessibility requirements:

Problems with submitting questions?

We require you to register to take part during the event.  If you find it difficult to register, you can call our hotline during office hours on 0800 955 1042.

You can submit questions via telephone during and immediately before the event, on 0800 511 8225.  This line will take your question, your name and address, and pass these to the event chair for answer during the Q&A event.


Problems with viewing the live or playback video?

The live video has system requirements.  You may not be able to play the video if you have a very old browser that is no longer supported by the vendors (e.g. Microsoft or Apple).  

  • Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 and earlier is not supported for the live video.
  • The Samsung Internet browser (all versions) is also not supported for the live video. We recommend installing Chrome instead.

Both video playback and video live require minimum internet speeds.  You can find out more about system requirements here.

We will also stream the video live on our Facebook channel here.

All the live videos will be archived on our archive page here.