Selkirk House video archive

Here is the archive Development Management Forum (DMF) video for Selkirk House, held on Thursday 10 December 2020. Use the list below to jump to different 'chapters' within the Development Management Forum.

  1. Introduction from Camden Council
  2. Introduction of team members
  3. Presentation from Camden Council
  4. Presentation from developers
  5. Introduction to question session
  6. Question on consultation and key changes
  7. Questions on building heights and their effects
  8. Question on impact on listed buildings
  9. Question on comparison of existing heights
  10. Question on sunlight and daylight impacts
  11. Questions on justification of height
  12. Question on views from Conservation Areas
  13. Question on exact building heights
  14. Question on access to light and light pollution
  15. Question on noise from restaurants, bars and clubs
  16. Question on impacts of covid on developments
  17. Question on affordable housing
  18. Question on space for community use
  19. Question on impact of construction on pollution
  20. Question on building length & effect on local rds
  21. Question on car parking and meaning of 'car-free'
  22. Question on Camden's parking policy
  23. Question on Holborn Vision
  24. Questions on site ownership and works to Grape St
  25. Questions on relation to Grape St
  26. Questions on sustainability
  27. Question on view from British Museum
  28. Question on design of buildings on West Central St
  29. Questions on affordable housing and commercial use
  30. Questiion on floorspace figures
  31. Question on public access to green space
  32. Question on project finance
  33. Closing remarks and how to provide feedback
  34. End

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